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Glarry 3/4 Acoustic Student Solid Violin Fiddle Starter Kit with + Case + Bow + Rosin + Strings + Shoulder Rest + Tuner

Glarry 3/4 Acoustic Student Solid Violin Fiddle Starter Kit with + Case + Bow + Rosin + Strings + Shoulder Rest + Tuner

Glarry 3/4 Acoustic Student Solid Violin Fiddle Starter Kit with + Case + Bow + Rosin + Strings + Shoulder Rest + Tuner
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1. When you receive the violin, please notice that the bridge is wrapped in paper and stowed underneath the tailpiece. Don't discard it. It should be installed in the middle of the two F Holes.

2. When you receive the bow and the hairs are loose, don't worry. Use the screw to tighten the frog so that the hair has tautness.

3. When you find that part of the bow hair is broken, it is normal, please cut off the broken part and the bow can be used normally.

4. Be careful to not over tighten your bow. The hair should have a slight bounce to it without touching the stick after placing it on the strings. Usually about 1/4 of an inch distance from the low point of the curve to the hair is ideal.

5. Hold the rosin with your index finger and thumb, and thus tighten up the bow, evenly smear the rosin on the bowstring up and down. Suggested use: before smearing, rip a trace on rosin to make it powdery for quick and even smearing. Try to keep your hands away from rosin or pad with a tissue while smearing; otherwise it will become too sticky to clean.

6. If the string falls out, don't worry, it can be reinstalled, please consult customer service.

Great starter kit . Some key notes about violins in general and for people who are making complaints on this product:
1. the violin will not be set up on arrival. You need to install the bridge and tune it.
2. the violin will not make sound when using the bow right out of the box. The bow needs to be coated in the rosin and then you can use it.
3. it will not hold a tune very easily to start out with. All new instruments need to be consistently re-tuned at the beginning until the strings are "broken in" so to speak. Pegs need to be pushed in and then turned slightly to tune up the loose strings (not like a guitar where you can just turn the pegs)
4. do not tune your instrument roughly; you will break strings

1/8 size Suitable for kids who are 4-5 years old
1/4 size Suitable for kids who are 6-8 years old
1/2 size Suitable for kids who are 9-10 years old
3/4 size Suitable for kids who are 11-12 years old
4/4 size Suitable for kids who are 12 + or adult
-The top is made from wood
- The head, back and sides of violin are made from wood
- The fingerboard,tailpiece,pegs are made from metal
- The bow is made from ebony and white horse tail
- This set includes violin, case, bow, rosin, strings, shoulder rest
- The inside of case is very soft to protect the violin
- Rosin is a free gift

- Model: Violin
- Size: 3/4
- Violin Color: Natural
- Violin Dimensions: (21.5 x 4.72 x 1.97)" / (54 x 14 x 5)cm (L x W x H)

- Case Dimensions: (31.3 x 10.04 x 4.72)" / (79.5 x 25.5 x 12)cm (L x W x H)

- Rosin Dimensions: (1.89 x 1.22 x 0.63)" / (4.8 x 3.1 x 1.6)cm (L x W x H)
- Face Dimensions: (10.04 x 5.51 x 1.96)" / (25.5 x 14 x 5)cm (L x W x H)

- Back Material: Maple
- Side Material: Maple
- Face Material: Maple
- Tailpiece Material: Jujube

- Top Material: Jujube

- Chin Rest Material: Jujube

- Tuning Peg Material: Jujube

- End Pin Material: Dark Wood
- Violin Bow Material: Arbor
- Violin Bridge Material: Maple
- String Material: Steel String
- Brand: Glarry
- Arm Length: 44-76cm
- Age: 4-5 Years Old
- Violin Length: 54cm

Package Includes:
1 x Violin (Natural)
1 x Case
1 x Bow
1 x Rosin
4 x Strings
1 x Shoulder Rest
1 x Tuner

  • This is an amazing violin for beginners
  • Very easy to adjust, just follow instructions
  • it's beautifully painted and carved.
  • case keeps the violin and accessories safe, and easy to open/close, get violin in and out and carry with you.


  • Manufacturer Does Not Apply
  • Manufacturer Part Number Does Not Apply
  • Model Number Does Not Apply
  • Color Natural
  • Finish Natural
  • Material Maple&Dark Wood&Arbor
  • Instrument Violin
  • Musical Instrument Family Violin
  • Is Portable Yes
  • Warranty Text Nothing
  • Additional Product Attribute Name age_range
  • Additional Product Attribute Value 12
  • Assembled Product Dimensions(L x W x H) 22.04 x 7.68 x 2.76 x Inch(es)

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