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Reviews of Zimtown 12V Ride On Car Kids SUV Electric Battry Powered Truck w/ Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Lights, MP3 - Black
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Customer Reviews(62)

by Ford Fanny on July 14, 2022


Bought for my 2 year old grandson. He loved it. Figured it out in 30 minutes. Love the parental remote if he gets off course. Easy to assemble and has great ground clearance. I wish I had one of these when I was a kid. The lights and MP3 player are nice features too. Would recommend.

by Mike Eugen on July 12, 2022

Awesome jeep

Bought this for my sons 4th birthday! He LOVES it! We bought the Jeep decals and attached those to make him feel like he was in a real Jeep! This is a must buy! Large and rugged looking! He even attaches his iPad to listen to music while he drives around! Definitely recommend!

by Bella Lynch on July 11, 2022

Awesome car for my 3 year granddaughter

Instructions were a little unclear so I had my very mechanically inclined brother assemble! Works great! My granddaughter absolutely loves it!! Love the remote feature so that we can do the stopping when she's too excited and not listening. Makes it so much safer! Love it!!

by Wordsworth Clemens on July 05, 2022

Decent little electric toddler jeep

Everything works and came complete with fast delivery. Instructions of how to put it together were spot on but took me a some thinking to figure out exactly how on some of the steps. I recommend a video tutorial if available. Kids love it!

by Abel Johnston(e) on June 29, 2022

Great product.

If you're looking for a safe/affordable/fun (even for parent) power wheel, GET THIS BRAND! Let's just say that I have to wait till my 4Y/O daughter let use the remote to drive her around. Toooo much FUN!!! Brand new it ran for about 1.5 hours after an 8 hour charge.

by Dale Michelson on June 27, 2022

So much fun!

My 3-years old son loves it! Although there were some problems with the assembly manual, we managed to assemble it within 2 hours. (we watched a youtube video rather than the manual) The ability to override the car control using the RC was a must, and it turned out well!

by Maggie Douglas(s) on June 26, 2022

Order early

Bought this for my 3 year old granddaughter. Does everything that was advertised about it. Order early, took us almost a month to get it. Wheels came first. Two weeks later, the rest arrived. Wrong parts, had to exchange them, took another 2 weeks. All said and done, it is a great little battery run jeep.

by Odelia Senior on June 22, 2022

Great truck!

Overall this is a great truck! Assembly wasn't bad, instructions aren't very detailed and in awkward English, but you'll figure it out. Works great, great power, battery lasted us well over 90 minutes of continuous use and we haven't tested how long it could go. Remote has a great range. Kid loves it.

by Jenny Euphemia on June 22, 2022

Very stable and sturdy car for a child

this car is suitable for your child, it has stable wheels and the control panel reacts immediately to your actions. the painting of the car is done tightly, there is music, you can insert your flash drive, charging is enough for a long time.

by Robert Eden on June 17, 2022

Battery jeep

The jeep is really well made. Assembly instructions were a little difficult to understand. We referred to a utube video to help figure things out. It would make it easier if the screws were marked and numbered in separate bags. Overall we are very pleased.

by Rita Simpson on June 13, 2022

Battery problems ***HELP***

This company has been GREAT to work with!! Battery wasn't working well and they refunded much more than needed to make it right. We did buy a bigger battery and our grandson rides this Jeep for days before charging now. Thank you so much for your great customer service!!

by Mandy Watt on May 25, 2022

Cute jeep, great seller.

This jeep is so cute and I think our grandson will love it. I hope he gets many hours of enjoyment from it. The seller was great to work with, responding quickly to questions and worked to solve an issue to my complete satisfaction. I would definitely buy from them again.

by Lilith Longman on May 25, 2022

One Happy little girl!

Out almost three year old granddaughter loves her new "car". Her parents can use the remote control to drive her around until she is able to operate it on her own. She is a serious driver at this point with her pick princess helmet. It seem so safe for her.

by Armstrong Whitehead on May 25, 2022

Great gift

My grandson was so excited to get this gift for his second birthday, and his parents were happy too because they can control where he "drives". It was a great gift. Only took about an hour to put together. There is a video to watch which helps greatly.

by Hugh Harriman on May 21, 2022

Great jeep, and great customer service

There was a problem with a missing package that made the gift late for the birthday it was intended. Customer service was great acknowledging and fixing the issue. The rest of the shipment was delivered timely. Despite being late, the jeep was exactly what we wanted and was a big hit.

by Asa Waters on May 21, 2022

an eye-catching car

It wasn't as difficult to assemble as I thought. Just need to follow the instructions. I take my daughter for a ride every night. She can't drive by herself so I use the remote control. She enjoys the ride and I have fun by playing the big RC car.

by Griselda on May 19, 2022

Sturdy nice truck

Nice truck, my two year old is really enjoying it. It's been only a day, hopefully it will hold together. The instruction manual could have been better. I put some lithium grease in suspension springs and wheel axels to get rid of any squeaky noise.

by Alvin Bowen on May 18, 2022

Happy toddler

Our toddler loves this power wheels! It has 3 different speeds, easy to use remote, aux input where we hooked up an old iPod to it so he can have music. We had an issue with our delivery, but customer service was awesome and resolved the problem. Very happy with this purchase!

by Blanche Philemon on May 16, 2022

Children will LOVE this!!!!

Bought this for our grandson's 3rd birthday. He loves Monster Trucks and trucks and cars, etc. He absolutely loves it. There was speedy delivery and both Daddy and Grandpa put it together. If you want someone special to SMILE, I suggest you purchase this. So glad we did!

by Gail Aldington on May 13, 2022

Great Toy Car - driven daily

Solid battery life. Good speed options. Good range on remote control. Off roading into the woods behind our house is her favorite activity now that she has a "Jeep". Great product. Wish the radio could be louder since the car is a bit loud but a very small complaint. Still 5 stars.

by Christopher Congreve on May 11, 2022

Your kids will love it!

Omg! This toy car is the best. Easy to assemble with no professional help needed, just follow the instructions. The kids love it! Rolling in style riding it. The speed is decent for kids and they are learning how to drive at such young age! Great for summer activity to keep kids busy.

by Kimberley Hughes on May 10, 2022


The remote is easy enough to program. You need two triple A batteries. To my surprise the battery for the jeep was already charged enough to try after assembling it wich was awesome! The directions and video together was helpful while putting it together. Well worth the money! We're sooo happy

by Agatha Zimmerman on May 10, 2022

Amazing Product

Bought for my granddaughter and she loves it, She still a little to small to drive herself, so we drive her around with the controller. Not sure who has the most fun! Great Jeep works well goes through all terrains dirt, grass, gravel, concrete with no trouble. Has great harness/seatbelt.

by Andy Bach on May 06, 2022

Great jeep for my 2 year old!

Bought this ride on truck for my two year birthday. Love that the truck has a remote control to ease driving for my toddler since she doesn't know how to drive. We will surprise her next week for her birthday. Will edit if anything else happens.

by Tyrone George on May 03, 2022

Best product ever !

This is the coolest thing in the world for a 2 year old!!! She's having the time of her life!!! I love the remote!!! Only thing I had to do was YouTube how to put it together because the instructions were very unclear but after that I got it totally the best

by Lee Buck on July 07, 2021

your kid will love it

Bought it for my 1yr old sons birthday, he really enjoys it. Sometimes we strap him in there just to watch cartoons and he gets in chill mode.

by Jonas Yonng on July 02, 2021

My one year old love it purchased for his first birthday. I love the fact that i can control it for him with the remote. Would post video but i dont want him on the internet

by Verna Shakespeare on July 02, 2021

Very cute. Goes extremely slow compared to larger powered toys. My 2 year old daughter loves it. Recharges very quickly. The remote is very easy to use.

by Matt Hodge on June 23, 2021

Not sure who likes it more, my son or grandson. He screams when we take him out. He absolutely loves it. I think anyone over 3 would be too big for it.

by Phil Curme on June 21, 2021

Perfect for children under 3

Absolutely loved it! Wish the battery came out to charge it but it doesn't, so you have to have the car near an outlet to be charged.

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