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Reviews of Zimtown 1500W Wall Mounted Electric Patio Heater with Remote Control
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Customer Reviews(21)

by Joy Emma on June 28, 2021

Great little heater

I bought this for my teenage daughter's bedroom, it is perfect for the size, love the fireplace atmosphere. Overall I am satisfied with this purchase.

by Walker Hoover on June 27, 2021

Strength and Beauty

This is a nice looking fireplace-heater, exactly what I wanted. Tried it many times because of the recent cold weather, it puts out a lot of heat. Great buy.

by Eli Lattimore on June 05, 2021

Lots of heat for its size.

Easy to assemble. I appreciated the company reaching out to make sure it arrived ok and info if it ever needs service or parts. Love it! Thanks!

by Sabina Eva on May 30, 2021

The do all fireplace

Works great it heats up the guest bedroom. I don't recommend putting it on high. I threw the breaker and had to reset it. It may have been that I had too much going.

by Mike Jordan on May 30, 2021

Worth every penny!!

Assembly done in 10 min- flames look great, thermostat control is working well - heat is kicking on and off like it's supposed to! Great value for what we paid

by Mag Mac- on May 30, 2021

Best purchase ever!

Very nice stove. I got it to heat my living room. It does an excellent job of putting out the heat. The remote is wonderful. I would highly recommend it.

by Paul Arabella on May 30, 2021

Yes it is worth the price.

I absolutely LOVE this fireplace -- very easy to use and easy to move around. Really warms up the room and super cozy! love love love!!!!!

by Lambert Pollitt on May 30, 2021

Good enough for the price

We bought this for our basement but it's so cute I want to purchase one that I can use upstairs! Very cozy look of a real fire. Loooove it!

by Philip Josh on May 29, 2021

I would buy it again

I got this for my mom's studio appartment. First, it is an attractive heater. The "fireplace" is very realistic-looking. And it puts out alot of heat. She loved it.

by Vito Davy on May 29, 2021

Electric Fire Place

It is compact, looks great, puts out a lot of heat and is very quiet. Easy to assemble. A magnetic Phillips screw driver is all you need to make it easy.

by Truda Luke on May 29, 2021

Easy to assemble and cute

I absolutely love this little heater. It looks even better in person than in the photos. Am going to purchase another to gift my daughter.

by Hunter Shaw on May 28, 2021

Helps take chill out

This looks nice and puts out quite a bit of heat. My sister and step daughter both ordered one after seeing mine - that is the highest recommendation I can give!

by Kama Wells on May 27, 2021

Very good purchase

Used it for a week in October at my cabin in Maine. Heated a space 200 square feet very well. The artificial flames are very realistic. Very cozy.

by Natalie Reed on May 23, 2021

love mine very cute

Wonderful little fireplace. Nice ambience and cozy warmth for those cold fall/winter days. Easy to assemble. Just screw in the legs, plug it in and enjoy!

by Tyler Garcia on May 23, 2021

LOVE this item!!!!

I know this fire place is amazing easy and friendly to use....

by Zenobia Black on May 05, 2021

Products and prices

LoVe this heater, it relaxing, beautiful, quiet and heats up right away! Plus it turns off if my baby, or someone touches, or bumps it. It's perfect!

by Jonas Penn on May 05, 2021

Puts out plenty of warmth

Very satisfied with it and recommend it to anyone needing this product, Great heat output for the room I am in! Very portable which is nice

by Andrew Chesterton on April 29, 2021

Makes a great gift!

This fireplace has been FABULOUS! Heats up quickly and truly does a very large size. The flames look real, its so cute and small perfect from room-room.

by Edmund Shelley on April 28, 2021

Efficient and Small

I have used this electric fireplace for the past three nights and it works great. I think this might be my first warm winter in my home since I moved to it.

by Kristin Helin(a) on April 15, 2021

It heats a room well

love this one . Its small but pretty powerfull , bought it in addition the our woodstove and it made the main house a toasty 79 degrees while it was about 10 outside :)

by Hedda Galbraith on February 28, 2021

Worth every penny and more

It is a really good little heater. It looks great and turns on and shuts off when the room is at a set temperature. Really happy we bought it.