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Reviews of Zimtown 18FT X 6 FT Floating Water Mat, for Pool, Beach, Ocean, Lake
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Customer Reviews(10)

by Aurora Simpson on April 28, 2021

Adds tons of fun!

This floating Mat is awesome!

by Ruby Boyle on April 23, 2021


Great Product by a great company!

by Abraham Truman on April 17, 2021

All day fun in the sun

Kids love it they play on it all day.

by Humphrey Hansen on April 17, 2021

Outstanding product!

Nice product, fast shipping. It's a simple, but fun activity.

by Malcolm Sophy on April 11, 2021

Very sturdy

Incredible Water Floating Mat and Incredible Family Fun!

by Ternence Gladstone on April 11, 2021

Good buy

It is huge! We all love it!

by Georgia Vaughan on April 09, 2021

Great purchase!

Awesome product and outstanding company! Would highly recommend this product and company.

by Sigrid Crichton on April 08, 2021

Love this and would buy again!

This worked well for us last week party. We spend a ton of time on it on the lake. No issues with this mat.

by Odelia Mac- on March 08, 2021

Best mat for summer

This seems so much fun. Looking forward the summer coming!

by June Houston on May 28, 2020


I used to own an inflatable floating cushion. Every time I inflate and deflate is a terrible experience. For this reason, I don't even want to use it until it's damaged and can't be used anymore. I'm happy, and I finally have a reason to replace it . This time I bought this foam cushion, and finally felt the joy of playing on the water surface.I don't need to inflate it. I just need to open it and place it on the water. It can be used.convenience!I am very happy that I purchased this foam cushio ...