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Reviews of Zimtown 2200PSI (Max 3000PSI) Electric High Pressure Washer Jet Sprayer Cleaner Machine
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Customer Reviews(60)

by Winni Longman on August 19, 2021

great product

Great ! Easy install. Very powerful. Definitely a machine I recommend!!

by Baldwin Snow on August 19, 2021

Outstanding Product!!!

Easy to use. This pressure washer is light and portable, easy to assemble, and powerful.

by Morton Dryden on August 18, 2021


Love my pressure washer!! We will buy another one for my dad. he will like it. thank you.

by Bevis Bruno on August 17, 2021

Versatile, compact and high performance

Being few years in this home.

by Gordon Gaskell on August 15, 2021

Great little pressure washer!!

A very handy, affordable, and surprisingly powerful electric power washer.

by Bard Mond on August 15, 2021


Great item. I have noticed given the power of the machine.

by Beacher Kellogg on August 14, 2021

This works great and was worth the money. It has been working really well for cleaning around the yard.

by Kimberley Leigh on August 14, 2021

Compact but powerful

Plenty of pressure and did a great job. This is my first electrical press washer. So far it works okay.

by Stanley Morgan on August 14, 2021

This washer works very well and is actually quieter than expected.

by Darcy Joshua on August 13, 2021

Great for a homeowner

Works great easy to use and set up.

by Perry Frances on August 10, 2021

Solid Budget Pressure Washer

Works well, easy to assemble, as expected, worth the cost. The noise is low, and it is very good.

by Crystal Swift on August 07, 2021

very powerful and very light.

Easy to use. Easy to assemble. It works just like it would if it was a gas-powered pressure washer. Lightweight and easy to carry around as well.

by Sabina Fox on August 06, 2021

An incredibly capable pressure washer

Very small body and have strong power. Love it. The length of the cables is perfect in ensuring that you can get most jobs done without an extension cable which I really appreciate.

by Louise Truman on August 06, 2021

Very affordable high pressure car washer

Great ! Easy install./The first impression of this machine is that it only turns on when I press the handle trigger, that really impressed me.I decided to buy it to clean my boat that gets messy after fishing trips, and this machine makes it easier.Something very noticeable is that it waste lest water.Definitely a machine I recommend!!

by Jesse Ford on August 01, 2021


This power washer is just what I needed.

by Adair Acheson on May 22, 2021

Easy to assemble. Love the different nozzles which makes it so much more versatile. I am very pleased!

by Lesley Snow on May 13, 2021

Light and easy to use

It was sufficient to get the job done! Thank you.

by Levi Clapham on May 09, 2021

Highly recommend

Easy to handle and move around. It's powerful enough to do the job. Would recommend.

by Merlin Montgomery on May 09, 2021

Works great!

This is light and easy to carry for cleaning projects of all kinds around the house.

by Hulda Lawson on May 08, 2021

Great pressure washer

I have already used it for dozens of projects around the house. Very powerful and easy to use. Thanks for making such an awesome product!!!

by Bess Ferguson on May 07, 2021

Great buy

I used it twice, and it cleaned both fantastic. highly recommended.

by Tim Lena on May 06, 2021

Excellent product!

5 quick connect spray nozzles each having a different spray pattern It's the perfect tool for cleaning siding, decks, cement, pavement, pools, outdoor furniture, cars, and trucks.

by Cyril Ezekiel on April 30, 2021

Light, Powerful and Inexpensive

Easy to assemble. Powerful and efficient. Everyone really needing a nice Electric pressure washer to wash their house.

by Evan Noah on April 28, 2021

As advertised

If you're needing a pressure washer for a handful of jobs around the house definitely give this pressure washer a shot. Works as promised. Good pressure, easy to use/assemble. No issues.

by Thomas Pullman on April 27, 2021

Easy to use, great cleaning power

Much more powerful than I expected.

by Nina Garcia on April 24, 2021

Good value

Compact size, high pressure, and flow rate. I was able to do a lot of the job, cleaning my fence, without having to even move the machine.

by Warner Terry on April 20, 2021

Super powerful! Great investment

Easy to put together and they include all the tools you'll need! It works great to clean my car. I highly recommend the product.

by Daisy Noyes on April 06, 2021


Small size which made it so easier to use. Has a super long power cord, and comes equipped with different nozzles to ensure that you can get the dirt off from any angle with different amounts of pressure.

by Lydia Walker on April 06, 2021

Does the Job for a Great Price

This is easily operated and everyone should have one, it's so handy.

by Doris Tyler on April 05, 2021

Works well

Awesome machine. Great for washing backyard furniture.

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