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Reviews of Zimtown 4 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool, 330 lb. Weight Capacity, Iron
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Customer Reviews(15)

by Bonnie Goldsmith on June 19, 2021

So far so good

Arrived very quickly. Great ladder for the price.

by Borg Constance on June 16, 2021

A must have!

Absolutely love this step ladder! Stores easily next to the refrigerator or narrow space.

by Brian Marjory on June 16, 2021

Good Quality

Sturdy and gets the job done. Worth the price.

by Heloise Watt on November 07, 2020

Decent tall step ladder

Well built ladder. Very sturdy and light weight. Also compact enough to fit in any storage area.

by Noah Monroe on November 06, 2020

Very sturdy

Arrived on time and packaged well. Works just as expected. I feel safe when I use it.

by Brian Daniell on November 01, 2020

Sturdy and stable.

Very well built step stool, easy to move around and folds up nicely. The best part is it works with no squeaks or groans!

by Tobey Pearson on October 22, 2020

very well built

Bought this for my daughter, she likes it so much. Now she can reach the high shelves without a problem.

by Beau Will on October 21, 2020

Very Well Made and Stable

Love that it's foldable and not big or bulky like other ladders. Easy to open and store away. Perfect for the bedroom or kitchen. Nice wide steps so it feels super sturdy to stand on. Good grip.

by Gloria Sinclair on October 16, 2020

High quality

High quality, just the right size for my needs.

by Abner Wild on October 09, 2020

Safe ladder

I'm short, so a 2 step ladder doesn't always meets my needs and this 4 step was size what I was looking for. The best part is it does not need much space to store it. You can just put it against wall.

by Avery Wat on October 08, 2020

Outstanding quality.

A nice little ladder. Works perfectly for our purpose. The color looks unique and beautiful. I weigh 280 lbs. and this held me securely! The wide steps made me feel more balanced than the narrower ones. Thumbs up!!!!

by Matthew Evans on October 08, 2020

My best purchase of the year

I like this ladder. Super sturdy and helps me a lot. Now I can reach for things around the house.

by Marvin Kathleen on October 06, 2020

Great purchase!

Well made step stool. Worked as described. Sturdy with large steps. And just the right size for my kitchen. Easy to use, it can folds/unfolds with a push of a button. We're very happy with it. Would buy again if needed.

by Jamie Grissom on July 20, 2020

Perfect for in the home

My wife cant reach things so I bought this ladder for her. Beautiful and practical ladder. Works as described. Very stable and easy to fold. I feel safe climbing it. It also has a large step area to ensure stability and a handle at the top to hold onto. The safest ladder I've found! Very happy with my purchase.

by Tristan Farley on December 07, 2019

Lightweight and convenient!

Bought this 3 step ladder cuz I need one that gives me more height. Super convenient and lightweight! Very easy to unfold and fold. A big help in the storage room. I would definitely purchase again and let my friend know about it.