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Reviews of Zimtown 36" Wooden Rabbit Bunny Pet Cage Small Animal House Chicken Coop Backyard Hen Wood Hutch
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Customer Reviews(53)

by Shirley on June 18, 2022

Our rabbit seems to love it but it is not sturdy.

As our rabbit gets bigger and stronger I'm sure he will get out of it and we will have to make adjustments because of this.

by Errol on June 04, 2022

Broken pieces

Unfortunately some of the hutch was broken

by Belinda on June 04, 2022

Guinea pigs eat the cage :(

by Victorious on April 21, 2022

Easy to assemble but kind of cheaply made. Bunnies tend to chew the inside a lot.

by Brina on April 09, 2022

Looks great, not very durable.

by Minerva on March 27, 2022

Wood easily chip when assembling and rabbit definitely chews on wood

by Patriotic on March 26, 2022

Not great value, but it works

by Leanne on March 15, 2022

If your rabbit likes wooden toys, which most do, they will chew the doorways/trim and any exposed wood.

by Blanche on February 16, 2022

Came with damages, still works

One of the parts came damaged. Still works but you want something good for what your paying.

by Kurt on February 09, 2022

Easy to assemble and easy to break

This seemed to be a decent cage for the price.. at least I thought. While assembling it together so many cracked and has to be glued together. This cage is also too small.

by Sirena on February 02, 2022


Easy to put together and nice looking, this cage is not at all sturdy.

by Walton on January 30, 2022

Cute and builder friendly

Super easy to assemble and surprisingly very sturdy for the money!

by Lane on January 25, 2022

Cute, but small.

Much smaller than expected. Not as well made as expected.

by Edna on January 25, 2022

Terrible assembly

It's cute. But assembling was the hardest thing to do, the instructions were fine, but when you go to put the roof on the building you have to do it at such a weird angle and there were no pre made holes

by Prudence on January 18, 2022


Just as pictured.

by Garret on January 17, 2022

Very nice little hutch

We use this as an indoor hutch for our rabbit and it has worked well

by Priscilla on January 11, 2022

Cheap wood material. Rabbit chews on wood

by Bird on January 10, 2022

Not good for an outside cage

Very easy to assemble but not very sturdy. Feel like it is cheap quality. Wouldn't recommend as an outside cage

by Nerita on January 06, 2022

Extremely Sturdy and Cute

They love the little house. Easy to clean! Worth every penny.

by Liza on January 03, 2022

I like the idea of it, but putting it together, several pieces split (wood) because they were so cheap. Removable tray is super shallow and hard to get wood chips in. Wish I spent more and got something else.

by Keely on December 24, 2021


Our tortoise loves it. He really needed a bigger enclosure

by Maiden on December 17, 2021

Worth it!

This is nicer than the pictures. I think it is so cute! Was put together fast and easy. Cleaning is easy. I did keep my bunny up alittle to late and... He bit two places the first night. The wood is soft and light so I only keep my bunny in this through the day when it's not out. Good room for all the things a bunny needs including the litter box. The ramp is awesome for him to get in and out on his own. Came really quick was excited it did!

by Respected on November 30, 2021

The disposal tray too thin

by Gloria on November 30, 2021

Wonderful, well made cage

I love this thing! it is the perfect size for my bunny and the wheels make it super easy to roll out to my patio. I put it together myself and it was pretty simple and straight forward. Definitely recommend.

by Nursing on November 04, 2021

Great value

Easy to assemble, well made, spacious & attractive in my living room!

by Rufus on November 04, 2021

Attractive rabbit hutch

This rabbit hutch is very attactive, easy to install and maintain. Our rabbit loves it!!

by Keaton on October 29, 2021

Happy bunny

It is a bit smaller than I was thinking but it isn't an issue since I only have one bunny

by Sean on October 29, 2021

Perfect for our bunny.

This is such a great cage. We have enjoyed it so much. It fits our decor so nicely.

by Lorraine on October 21, 2021

Very pleased with this hutch for our rabbit

We have a mini rex and this cage is a nice setup and size for her.

by Randolph on October 15, 2021


Its a great indoor cage. Rabbit does like to chew on the woods but I would buy again. it looks good.

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