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Reviews of Zimtown 5 Gallon Petrol Jerry Can with Spout, 20L 0.6mm Cold Rolled Steel Gasoline Fuel Container Caddy Tank, for Emergency Backup
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Customer Reviews(41)

by Dominic Agnes on October 31, 2020

Everything is fine except for the nozzle.

If the nozzle I received is intact, I will give it five stars because I really like it.

by Sophia Harry on October 30, 2020

The airtightness is very good.

I put it in my car. When I passed a rugged mountain road, I felt jerry can fall down but did not smell the gasoline. After arriving, I immediately went to check my jerry can. It did fall, but the gasoline inside did not leak out.

by Derrick Newman on October 29, 2020

Five Stars!

Working well.

by Yvonne Russell on October 28, 2020

Ready to buy another one.

It is the same as the jerry can I bought on Amazon, and it is cheaper.

by Mike Little on October 27, 2020

Better than expected!

Very good price, and that considered, very good quality! If I need another Jerry Can I'll be back! Also I think I'll check out other products from ZimTown.

by Vivian Noyes on October 27, 2020

The spout is a little deformed.

The spout is slightly deformed, but it can still be used normally without oil or gas leakage.

by Lester Eva on October 26, 2020

Great design.

I like the design of the lid and lock, which perfectly avoids the problem of oil leakage.

by Elvira Bach on October 25, 2020


On weekends, I like to go out on picnics with my family. On the way back, I faced a shortage of gasoline many times, which was Very desperate. In order to solve this problem, I tried to buy this oil drum (I didn't think it would help me). But now I fall in love with it.I will take it every time when I go out.

by Magee Toynbee on October 24, 2020

Nice jerry can....

It looks sturdy and durable, and may not need to spend extra money on the oil drum. Looking forward to its performance.

by Delia Titus on October 23, 2020

Very suitable for my trunk.

This 5-gallon jerry can fits my trunk perfectly.

by Betsy Micah on October 22, 2020

There is a dent.

This is a good fuel tank, but I have a dent on the side. This is a problem with metal cans, plastics are more resistant to impact. I hope it will be carefully packaged and protected because I am too lazy to return it.

by Vicki Quade on August 06, 2020


It's a decent can for the price. Holding up to five gallons of liquid. I used it for spare gasoline on a trip, enough for me. Have several and happy time with them. Good pouring spout. Good lid. Nice paint job. Welds well without leaking or spilling. No smell or fumes get out. Have to say, it does the job well that it's supposed to do. And, VERY LIGHTWEIGHT, with 3 handles, easy to carry and grab. Just as advertised, not cheap but well made can. The best fuel cans I've ever seen. Would recommend ...

by Mitchell Dinnerstein on July 29, 2020

Really like this item.

Mine seems top quality. Unlike my other plastic cans, those are great. They may seem a bit heavier but don't leak and are easy to transport. I keep them around the house to store extra gasoline. So far, it worked great and without any leaking. If you want some cans for the rear of your Jeep and don't want to spend so much money on a container for holding fuel, highly recommend these cans. Using this can, you can pour gasoline into your car tank with one hand.

by Steve Larsen on July 16, 2020

Made well and delivered perfect.

Fast delivery, no damage in transit. Heavy duty product. I use it to transport emergency fuel for RV travel. Held up well on my travel.

by K DILEONE on June 24, 2020


Ordered these jerry can because plastic will leaks, while metal is wont. Arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Awesome!!!

by Benjamin Prasser on June 08, 2020

Great product, Great company.

One spout was missing. Messaged the company and got 2 replacement for free.

by Diann Boyce on April 29, 2020

Everything I expected

I bought to store fuel for my Jeep. Great fuel can, easy to use. Really great for what you pay. No leaks after a month or so of regular use. We eliminated 12 plastic cans. Would definitely recommend these one.

by Dwan Horton on April 26, 2020

Everything is fine.

Very good can. Hose does not leak at all when closed or trying to fill up my car.

by Ron Hawley on April 25, 2020

Well built can

Well built can. Ahead of other brands.

by Kristina Hollandsworth on April 21, 2020

Great back-up jerry can.

High quality construction. This is an excellent metal can. Will never consider plastic can. Seems built to be rugged and durable. I keep it in the back of my jeep for emergency fuel and no leaks or gas smell. Five stars for the can.

by Alicia Brooks on March 28, 2020

A well built can

Handy jerry can. Wont spill or leak, even when full. Spout works great too. I am so happy with these cans. The best Jerry Can there is.

by Tabitha Jermy on March 23, 2020

Works great!

Already used them for a while, worked great. When filled up they won't leak at all. Nicely made and easy to use. Easy to hold and pour without spilling everywhere.

by Jim Boatwright on March 05, 2020

Well designed

Fine details and quality. For example, the rubber gasket fits well. No leaks. The nozzle mount is well designed, easy to install. Price also reasonable.

by Daniel Miller on January 09, 2020

YES, the Helpful Can

My can is wonderful, work like a charm, very helpful. Spout and safety lock all included. Seals well. The finish is also well done.

by Alysha Bass on December 31, 2019

Awesome can for the price

Not bad I promise. Arrived promptly. Nozzle is easy to latch on and no leaks. I'm using them to store an emergency gas supply. It's solid and sealing great. Worth double the price!! A very enjoyable shopping. Already recommend it to my friend, he told me that he was very satisfied with it. Large capacity and perfect size.

by Cody Carr on December 14, 2019

Beautiful quality built

If you're looking to store gas in the event of hurricane. Recommend these cans. Perfect in every way. Beautiful quality built, better than my plastic cans. Store well and take up less space. Spout holder is strong enough that wont fall out .

by Kevin Bittner on December 12, 2019

This seems like a very good value to me

Bought as gift for my son for jeeping and camping. He liked it. Already filled them up. No leaks. Nicely made. Easy to use, easy to latch the nozzle on. Great than our previous plastic can. Good quality for the money. Would buy it again and recommend these to anyone looking for great quality cans. Five stars.

by Guadalupe Gonzalez on November 28, 2019

The best product

What can I say, the can is awesome! Affordable metal gasoline container! Very well constructed and does not leak at all. Good welds. Seals tight as can be. Come with a removable spout. No smell. Just as advertised. It's gonna be a good addition to our overlanding vehicle. My girlfriend said it's...sexy? Unlike my other brand jerry can. Not good quality and is unusable. I had to use a funnel instead. Will order more.

by cheryl robinson on November 19, 2019

Great buy

Unit arrived quicker than expected. Can is very well built. I checked several times to see if anything was left in the bottom of the can. And it was very clean. Was very easy to put together. Pours so much better than plastic can and doesn't leak. The locking mechanism works very well with a rubber gasket on the inside cap creating a very effective seal. Over the last several years I have had many different gas cans and this is the best quality I've seen. Fit in my jeep rack perfectly. Would rec ...

by Rose Arthur on October 20, 2019

Will buy again!

Arrived 1 day early! Built to last. Used to store emergency gen fuel for power outages. Meet my expectations! The cap latch is easy to open and close. I like it, will buy another one to use with my jeep.

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