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Reviews of Zimtown Portable Basketball Hoop Stand, 5.2ft-6.9ft Height Adjustable Basketball Goal, with 32"W PVC Backboard 2 Nets Wheels, for Youth Kids Teenagers Indoor Outdoor Playing
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Customer Reviews(182)

by Jeremy Antonia on January 31, 2022

Good enough

I bought this for my Girlfriends 6 year old son. He loved it.

by Odelette Armstrong on January 31, 2022

As expected

My 7 year old son enjoyed this. It is over all an good goal.

by Hilda Walkley on January 28, 2022

Kid loves it

It's small enough to keep in the garage between the car.

by Veromca Sophia on January 28, 2022

Easily movable.

My 4 year old absolutely loves it! Can adjust to many heights and will get a lot of use!

by Mick Pope on January 28, 2022

Buy it

It was the perfect birthday present for my nephew, he loved it.

by Rosalind Nancy on January 26, 2022

The best

Kids love it, looks great without bulky base.

by Arlen Richard on January 26, 2022

Good First Hoop

I put this in the breezeway between the garage and house, and it could not be better.

by Alva Gallacher on January 26, 2022

Quality is OK.

We love that the hoop works now and will grow with my daughter for years.

by Zenobia Bobby on January 25, 2022

Good Item

Best I preset I got this hoop... I mean the kid got!

by Bonnie Beard on January 25, 2022

really nice

Definitely better than the plastic basketball hoop!!

by Aubrey Field on January 24, 2022

Good BUY

Great basketball hoop I have ever seen by far.

by Glenn Chaucer on January 24, 2022


This is great item for the price. Very sturdy.

by Catherine Howell(s) on January 24, 2022

Well worth it!

Cool basketball court the kids love it. Took about 20 minutes to set up.

by Quinn Dewar on January 23, 2022

Easy to adjust

My kids use this in the basement. They get hours of entertainment out of it.

by Mandel Rose on January 23, 2022

Hours of fun

Shipping was incredibly fast, a day earlier than expected.

by Alvin Richards on January 23, 2022

Tons of fun!

The quality and height is exactly what I was looking for.

by Xaviera Tate on January 21, 2022


it's really solid. It survived without damage a heavy storm.

by Willie Christ on January 20, 2022

Held up well

this could easily be the best purchase in my adult life ...

by Hedy Betty on January 18, 2022

it's awesome.

We are using it indoors. Much bigger than the version that hooks on the door.

by Penny Petty on January 15, 2022

Gets the job done

My kids love playing with this basketball hoop and the adjustable height means they'll continue to enjoy it as they get older and taller.

by Archer David on January 14, 2022

it's perfect.

The backboard is very nice and being shatterproof is a great feature.

by Olivia Gill on January 14, 2022

fast shipping

The hoop is pretty sturdy after a few months of usage.

by Jamie Sharp on January 12, 2022

Nice investment

We bought this for our 5 and 2 year old boys and our 3 year old girl. They LOVE it.

by Edwiin Hansen on January 12, 2022


Very easy to assemble and easy to adjust the basket

by Abel Nehemiah on January 11, 2022


Nieces and nephews love this gift and use it inside and out.

by Victoria Macadam on January 10, 2022

Great built.

Good starter for a kid whose interest change like the wind.

by Nora Judd on January 09, 2022

Good and sturdy.

My husband put it together quickly for our 4 year old for Christmas, as a starter goal!

by Mandy Hodge on January 08, 2022

Kids love them

I bought this as a hoop for a 1st grader who wanted to practice shooting hoops.

by Elva Wells on January 08, 2022

Good product

very happy with the quality of the stand and back board.

by Cliff Susan on January 08, 2022

Well made

This arrived quickly and set up was a breeze.

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