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Reviews of Zimtown 6'x2'x2"/ 4.5'x2'x1.2" Gymnastics Mat, Tumbling Pad, Folding Exercise Aerobics Yoga Mats, with Hook & Loop Fasteners, for Stretching, Martial Arts, karate, MMA
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Customer Reviews(12)

by J***l on September 15, 2020

Not Bad

I bought it wrong. My wife told me that she needed a yoga mat. Then I bought this. The funny thing is that when the goods arrived, I found out that she thought something different from what I bought, so this mat now belongs to me, I think I can start doing some exercises to lose my fat. By the way, this cushion is not bad

by M***n on September 09, 2020

Logistics is too slow.

Good products, bad logistics, can't stand it even during the epidemic.

by A***n on September 03, 2020

Needs Improvement

The product is a good product. I like it very much. It is thick and flexible. The pink color is also very satisfactory. But it's worth noting that when I ready to put away the gym mat after exercise, The gymnastic mat hand strap broke and the zipper of the gym mat hit my feet, which hurt a bit, so I gave you three stars. It is comforting that I contacted the customer service, and I am very satisfied with the attitude of the customer service. In view of this, I recommend this product, but I hope ...

by R***r on August 30, 2020

Cheap and good quality

I think this gymnastic mat is worth buying. It is cheap and of good quality. Everything is as its description. What's worth mentioning is that it is really thick enough to be used as nap mat.

by O***a on August 25, 2020

Easy Cleaning!

My previous mat was thrown away by my mother because it was too stained, so I bought this gym mat again. I like it to be thicker than the previous mat, and it is made of leather. Just wipe it off if it is dirty. very satisfied

by W***s on August 12, 2020

Great mat for baby walk!

Arrived a day earlier, the gym mat is as described, very thick and resistant to dirt. I bought this cushion because my child has just started to walk. he is super cute, but he keeps fell to the ground and crying. So I bought several of these mat and glued them together with Velcro, my baby can roll freely on them.

by V***y on August 07, 2020

I like it very much!!

Comfortable! ! It's much thicker than the yoga mat I used before, and it won't hurt to fall when using it! The leather covering on the surface is super excellent! ! I like to eat burgers on the mat, and Salad dressing accidentally got on the mat. It can be very clean just by wiping it with a paper towel. I like it very much.

by E***n on August 03, 2020

Value for money

After receiving the gymnastics mat, I can't wait to use it. The quality of the product exceeds its price. I even doubt whether the seller is selling at a loss because it looks really good. The material, workmanship, thickness and elasticity all meet or exceed mine. Hopefully, I will definitely buy it again at this price and recommend it to my friends.

by A***b on August 02, 2020


Great value for money

by K***p on April 15, 2020

like the folding and zipper design

The quality is very good. I prepared this gym mat for my child. I bought purple because it is my child's lucky color (haha). I like the folding and zipper design. It's easy to clean. I haven't found anything disadvantages after using it. by the way, the design of the Velcro is useless for us, but we should buy it again, so that the Velcro can come in handy

by N***r on February 05, 2020

black is ugly

Hahahahahaha, it's funny, the black of this gymnastics mat is too ugly, I don't like this color, It doesn't match my room at all, I gave it to my brother,decided to buy another one. other than that, everything is ok

by L***n on August 13, 2019

comfortable cushion

Recently,I feel that I have gained a lot of weight, so I want to exercise, so I bought this gymnastic mat. It is really thick and comfortable, so that I lie on it and rest and don't want to move. Now it's a great effect on me. Very comfortable cushion, let me lie on the ground to rest (embarrassed)