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Reviews of Zimtown 66in Multi-Level Cat Tree Scratcher Condo Tower Furniture Large Play House, Beige
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Customer Reviews(18)

by Attendant on March 19, 2022


Have it up a month and pieces are coming off.

by Linette on March 15, 2022

The bottom ramp wouldn't stay on, and they broke the singular perch part off after 3 weeks, and the fabric/ rope isn't secured very well and I had to tack it back on.

by Adelaide on March 02, 2022

Difficult to assemble

The overall tower is difficult to assemble and the instructions aren't very helpful or clear. However, it is cheaper than other towers of a similar size. If you have cats like mine, they go through the legs of cat towers about every six months. This is a much more affordable way to have a large and interactive tower for them.

by Paulette on February 24, 2022

Unorganized mess

by Howard on February 22, 2022

Not A solid tower

The columns are very small. Not sturdy enough for climbing.

by Maura on January 26, 2022

Tall, but small seats

If you have kittens would be great for them, but if you have adult cats, they won't get to use it very much. The spaces in it are so small and narrow that a cat can climb, but hardly sit on them. Forget about sleeping there.

by Fergus on January 08, 2022

it takes way more than 20 mins

to put together-basically directions are not accurate at all. thought i was missing pieces. horrible, they should at least number the parts on the parts themselves.

by Caretaker on December 14, 2021

Awesome for the price!!

My cats love this tower. They play on it more than anything else I've gotten them. Make sure to put something weighted on the bottom though because one good kick off from playing cats and that tower will come right down.

by Female on December 13, 2021


Very good quality, was very easy to assemble. Had no missing parts!!

by Shirley on December 02, 2021

Cat Loved it only Flaw is that….

My cat absolutely loved it instantly! The product was very easy to assemble and I love that it has more than one use. The only flaw I saw was that if your cat plays too rough or scratches the post too hard it could potentially tilt over and fall. However I don't mind that at all but if you do be aware of purchasing. Over all it's a great product and both my cat and I love it!

by Blair on November 13, 2021


Instructions were great and easy to follow.

by Amanda on November 08, 2021

He loves how tall it is!

Very easy to assemble and sturdy enough for our 20 lb Maine Coon. He loves how tall it is! For the price this is a really great cat tree!

by Elizabeth on October 01, 2021

A good product

A little wobbly on wood floors but for the most part easy to put together. Only thing that we decided to not out on is the little ladder since we couldn't figure that part out. Still works great and keeps the kitten happy. Not scratching up the furniture anymore.

by Dexterous on September 16, 2021

Love it!

Very easy to put together. My cat loves it!

by Strength on September 16, 2021

My cats love it!

My cats love it!

by Agnes on August 22, 2021

Cat Tree!

The animals love it & they're enjoying playing on their new tree. Many levels and great adventures to be had on it.

by Moorish on August 15, 2021

My kitten loves it, and I'm sure yours will too.

Very satisfied!

by Travis on August 14, 2021

Buy it for your cat NOW!!!

My cat loves this. My cat is clingy AF but she will still leave us to go nap here. I have a very happy kitty