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Reviews of Zimtown 80 in. Cat Tree Tower Kitten Activity Condo,Beige
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Customer Reviews(49)

by Armed on June 11, 2022

Pretty good except for last screw.

This cat tree is an amazing height and was put together pretty quickly. Our only issue was the very last post and perch wouldn't not screw together because the threading was stripped.

by Noelle on June 05, 2022

Comes in many many many parts...Instructions are included, howeverNONE OF THE PARTS were labled... you will need a allan wrench and a measuing tape and a whole lot of patience to put this together. The measuring tape is to measure each part, to correspond with the instructions. Yes you will need to measure each part. If your a person who gets frustrated easy, pass on this one or hire someone to put it together for you..

by Nobleman on June 02, 2022

I like the height and feel of the material

When the cats would jump up it would rock and was really shaky. Then one day, as the younger cat went to jump up it, the bottom stand fell over, bolt still inside it and all. It ripped right out of the bottom base.

by Firm on May 27, 2022

First plan on buying a couple of weights to keep this thing from shaking. Second, even with the weights, I feel uneasy about it. It shakes a decent amount. I may tether it to a wall, but for now it seems to be holding up okay. Third, it is not nearly as wide as the picture makes it seem.

by Wesley on May 08, 2022

For smaller cats.

by Handsome on May 04, 2022

Bad for big cats!

This tree gets nerve wreckingly wobbly when my cat goes to get on it. There's also no way for a cat to get up other then using the pillars which is also a little scary.

by Elbert on May 03, 2022

Went together really easy and looks nice

Went together really easy and looks nice. Unfortunately after about 2 months of use by one cat the plastic connectors broke on one of the pedestals.

by Mona on April 29, 2022

VERY wobbly

by Ramona on April 25, 2022

Fits together easily, though it still wobbles a bit.

by Talia on April 24, 2022

It tends to sway when my cat climbs the scratching posts or leaps on it. Showing how unstable it is.This one tends to be geared towards big cats, but it's not quite meant for them.

by Finbar on April 16, 2022

None of parts labled!

by Barbara on April 08, 2022

Kitten, not cat sized

by Simona on April 03, 2022

Right price, but looks unfinished and is not stable.

by Dominica on March 19, 2022

the bottom is very hard for the cats to jump up from the ground on. I actually re built mine to accommodate better access from the ground to the other levels. There should be a level about a foot up that protrudes out for them to jump up on and then up to the other levels.

by Page on March 18, 2022

Could be sturdier, top level hard to get to.

by Julie on March 10, 2022

Broken piece in package

My product arrived quickly but one piece was already broken. The round house looking piece near the bottom was broken on the inside. That piece seems to be made of cardboard. Everything else is pretty good though. The instructions were easy to follow, only thing that would make it better was if the actual pieces were labeled with the corresponding letter. I did not want to send it back because it is still functioning and I can probably just staple it back together from the inside. The entire thi ...

by Primrose on January 30, 2022

Cat Mansion

by Amber on January 17, 2022

Not bad for the price

by Andrea on January 16, 2022

Cat Love!

This cat Tree was a blessing & well worth every penny!

by Kelsey on January 10, 2022

Perfect Cat Tree!!

Absolutely beautiful cat tree! My cats LOVE it!!! I love the it's so tall and my cats can get away from my chihuahuas. Fast delivery and it was super easy to set up too.

by Wylie on January 09, 2022

This Has Been Keeping Her Out of Trouble.... (for the most part

by Rosanne on January 07, 2022

Not staggered right

The boards for each layer are not staggered very well for this design. My cat cannot get to the top without another cat tower next to it for stepping!

by Ross on January 05, 2022

Easy assembly, very sturdy so far and plenty big enough for my 6 cats to be on at the same time! Great cat tree!!!

by Grain on January 02, 2022

Great Corner cat tree

I'm limited in space and needed a corner cat tree. My cats live on it. They love their space . This thing is tall, but stable. They run all over it.

by Lisa on December 30, 2021

Really awesome cat tree

My two adult cats adore this cat tree!! It's very nice and sturdy. I like the neutral color since my long hair cat sheds so much. We love it!

by Germaine on December 24, 2021

Fast shipping! My cat is in love with it!!!! And took under an hour to assemble.

by Damon on December 24, 2021

Great for the Price

Only took me about an hour to put together. It would have been nice if the poles were Marked with the letters, but other than that it's great. My cats are already climbing and playing on it

by Simona on December 22, 2021

My cats absolutely love this cat tree

by Tracy on December 05, 2021

Better than expected

Bigger than expected but super nice and my cats adore it!

by Anita on November 27, 2021

Cats love it

The cats love this thing, even though they love the taller portions more than the bottom ones, that's a very cat thing I think. More than happy with this.

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