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Reviews of Zimtown 9 FT x 6 FT Floating Mat, Water Foam Pad Pool Recreation
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Customer Reviews(10)

by Leila Cissie on April 30, 2021

Grand kids loved this

Worth the money and the grand kids love it.

by Clara Huggins on April 30, 2021


Best purchase this summer! Everyone loves this Big water mat.

by Jean Norris on April 28, 2021

So must fun and great size.

Hours of happy entertainment. It is well built and super easy to roll up and store.

by Dunn Julia on April 28, 2021

Excellent value

The kids had a blast this summer. Big enough, Lots of room to relax.

by Emily Colclough on April 18, 2021

Defiantly 5 stars!

We've used it many times, and it seems to be holding up great. Kids and adults LOVED it.

by Martin Rayleign on April 15, 2021

This is a great water mat

This pad is thicker than most of the others out there in the market. Can't wait to use it this weekend!

by Dominic MacAdam on April 10, 2021

Great at the lake

This has been a hit! Kids loved it and said it was more fun than the raft.

by Hilda Dunbar on April 07, 2021

Love love love this mat!

Thick enough. The material isn't scratchy and the size is great.

by Bishop Russell on March 19, 2021

Afloat nicely and soft mat

Lots of fun!! This was just what we needed to sun on the lake. Stays afloat nicely, and very soft. It was perfect!

by York Churchill on June 30, 2020

happy get this mat

wow! ! Although the size is clearly listed in the title, I don't have the concept of size and I don't know how big it is, but when I got it, I felt wow! ! This is great, more than enough to accommodate 4-6 people, can't wait to use it, I hope my friends will be free soon, So can take this out to play, by the way, the quality looks good, it's worth buying, this is the most worthwhile one I spent this year Money, happy:)