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Reviews of Zimtown Adjustable 32" Foldable Pet Dog Cat Grooming Table with Adjustable Arm/Noose
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Customer Reviews(25)

by Trixie on June 20, 2022

It is smaller in terms of width than I anticipated.

by Garth on June 05, 2022

The bar only fits a dog under 24" tall at the shoulder, at max...if your dog is taller, consider something else.

by Willette on May 26, 2022

Noose broke off arm

The table is nice but the noose hardware busted on the arm so now I have no way to restrain him while grooming. Other than that it is sturdy, compact, easy to clean and user friendly….though I would love a new noose with attachment hardware.

by Grover on May 07, 2022


The table is really slippery for most of the dogs I groom. But I do like how easy it is to lock the legs into place.

by Maurice on April 19, 2022

Not sure yet ?

The bottom was wet and did not dry easily ! Not sure what material is under there ! Can't judge yet but my husband and I are both concerned!

by Eugenia on March 04, 2022

Smaller and lower than expected

Smaller and lower than expected

by Russell on February 27, 2022

Smaller than advertised

The table was smaller than the dimensions shown in the listing. It is also pretty low to the ground and uncomfortable if standing very long. Maybe it would suffice for small dogs up to 20 lbs and groomed on occasion.The table felt like it could be topped by a larger dog.

by Tony on February 06, 2022

Too short

This is a very sturdy little table, with some weight to it, but it is short. The height causes unnecessary fatigue.

by Emmett on January 24, 2022

It's ok

It's fine for light use, but have only had it for a few months and the arm is bending

by Dean on January 16, 2022

Great for small dogs!

This is a nice, sturdy table. It didn't work for my dog though. I needed more room (maybe 8"-10"), in order to groom her properly.

by Strong on January 16, 2022


Very easy to assemble. Easy to groom on!

by Durwin on January 10, 2022

Perfect for my Dachshunds

I'm not a professional, so this works well for me. No issues to date. Use it mostly to strip my wire doxie, and to trim nails. Does the job for me.

by Blackbird on January 04, 2022

It's a good table. Just a little bit short for me

Great table nice and sterdy

by Lee on December 14, 2021


This table is perfect for grooming my rough collie. It is a good height for me and has a nice non-slick surface. The arm is removable and is easy to adjust as needed. I remove the arm when brushing my dog, but reattach the arm when I take the table outside to blow dry him after a bath.

by Peter on November 09, 2021

Great value

So far after about a month or two of heavy use, it still looks great and no complaints. Very good value for the money

by Ferguson on November 07, 2021


Convenient Grooming

by Kurt on October 25, 2021

great worked great

worked great

by Perry on October 18, 2021

One of the best items I have brought for my dog

by Conqueror on October 06, 2021

Nice STURDY table

Great reasonably priced sturdy table. Expect it will last me for years. Easy to clean, NO little spots hair gets caught in!!! Glad I made this choice!

by Nora on September 29, 2021

Quality product!

Such a beautiful table! I am thrilled to finally save my back from agony on the ground and chasing dog - it's like the third hand I've been missing

by Richard on September 24, 2021

A must have item for your pet

by Goddard on September 18, 2021

Well built and sturdy

I like it. It's well-built, sturdy and a bit heavy but that's what makes it sturdy. Just the right height for me for our Border Collie. I do recommend this to others and would buy again if it ever were needed.

by Lane on September 15, 2021

Although my dog knows what it means when I pull out this table, the table is absolutely necessary! Saved my back from having to bend over and groom her on the floor. And keeps my nosy dog facing forward as I groom her body so I can get it done faster without interruptions. She doesn't need too much restraints while getting groomed she just constantly does things to try and undermine the process as in laying down if im doing something on her belly, pulling her paw away, licking my fingers whereve ...

by Titus on September 14, 2021

Great Grooming Table

Very useful

by Fern on August 15, 2021


Super easy to unfold and set up. It arrived today and I've already used it.