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Reviews of Zimtown 20" Pet Products Chicken Coop Rabbit Bunny Hutch Hen House Poultry Cage Pet Wooden
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Customer Reviews(14)

by Norine on May 22, 2022

Manufacturing not solid

by Ramsey on April 03, 2022

My rabbits don't really like to go in it

And the wood feels cheap.

by Alanna on February 04, 2022

Light but also not very durable.

Not very durable

by Mercy on January 16, 2022

Hard to assemble

The hutch is good but is hard to assemble

by Gregory on January 16, 2022

Duckling Lodge

My ducklings love it; it is just the right size.

by Fedora on December 22, 2021

Cute and Sturdy

This product actually shipped to my home very quickly. I put on an extra coat of gloss before the very quick and easy assembly. My bunny hopped in right away and has since loved his new house. Its been rainy and windy, so I wanted something elevated to give him shelter and, this was it.

by Efrain on December 22, 2021

EXTREMELY satisfied!

Exactly as in picture. Easy to assemble.

by Fergus on December 16, 2021

easy to set up in 5 min

It's very easy to set up with just screw, the house was too small for my little ducky after one month... they grew too fast..

by Roderick on December 07, 2021


I was so skeptical but after buying this I'm so glad i did. Our cat stays nice & dry when it rains & he loves to sleep on the roof when it's sunny

by Hale on October 10, 2021

Exactly as picture

If you take your time and put it together step by step it's very easy. It's a nice quality cedar. It's a perfect size for my pet chicken! She loves it!

by Edric on September 12, 2021

Love it

Love it. Great quality. Easy assembly

by Nadine on September 02, 2021

Enough space for my cat

My outdoor cat loves it!

by Earthy on September 02, 2021

This house is adorable. It was easy to put together, and great quality. Our bunny loves it.

by Warlike on August 07, 2021


I got this so a stray cat in my yard can have a home to hide in when it rains, and honestly, it's so cute and she loves it!!My only word of advice is have a power tool handy, since not everything can be screwed on. 10/10 product!! : )