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Reviews of Zimtown Details about 200 Miles Outdoor Amplified TV Antenna Digital HDTV 1080p Long Range + 10m Cable
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Customer Reviews(8)

by J***l on March 06, 2020

Lightweight but signal is good.

It is too light and the quality is a bit worrying. It should be made of plastic and aluminum, but so far the results are good and the signal is good.

by R***e on December 29, 2019

Much channels!

I live south of Hazzard and can receive 42-80 stations. It comes in a long package and requires almost no assembly, which is very convenient. Then I installed it in the attic, and the signal strength I got was much better than on the ground. It is a mixture of plastic and aluminum, but I hope it will last.

by P***n on December 23, 2019

Clearer and more stable

After further research, we decided to abandon the use of cables, and I chose this antenna. The reception is very good, I hope it is very close to the launch tower. Compared with the indoor antenna I bought before, the image that can be obtained is clearer and more stable. The benefits of the antenna alone are amazing. I have about 35 channels, only a few smaller low-power broadcast channels we did not get. Please note that it is best to connect the antenna to the roof and make some extensions to ...

by G***o on December 04, 2019

Very clear

Easy to install and economical! It is very clear that 40 stations can be received.

by m***n on November 02, 2019

Easy to operate

The light weight and compact design. And it provides a good signal and easy to operate and no installation required(just open all U-tubes)!!

by S***n on September 21, 2019

Good effect

After aiming the antenna in the direction of the TV tower closest to you, the search effect is best.

by D***b on July 31, 2019

So cheap

The price is cheap, the signal is good, and the effect is very clear.

by A***s on May 26, 2019

Great antenna, easy to assemble!

I use the website to check the TV signal situation in my area. Almost all the towers are 30 to 50 miles east of me. I opened the package and thought it would take a long time to assemble, but it was not. The instructions were very simple, and it took only 2 minutes to complete. Of course, I had to spend time installing it on the roof. Anyway, I have a HD antenna, I searched the signal on the TV (you have to search the channel again), I got more than 50 stations. I must say that this antenna is g ...