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Reviews of Zimtown Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket Tilt Swivel for LED LCD 32 37 40 42 46 47 50 55 60"
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Customer Reviews(4)

by Joanne Amendola on November 08, 2020

Good mount for the money

First off, when it came out of the box, I could tell it was a quality product just by the feel of it. It was solid and heavy and perfect. Second, it was super easy to install, as the only thing that had to be done was the bracket mounted to the wall, and the other bracket attached the television. Not rocket science, and I love that. I would highly, highly, highly recommend this wall mount So you can securely hang your next TV With peace of mind.

by Victoria Geiger on November 07, 2020

Sturdy single stud mount

This mount is great because it attaches to a single stud instead of two. Exactly what was needed in my situation. Comes with perfect instructions and heavy duty stud bolts. You will need an electric drill and to drill a pilot hole first. But you should do that for any mount you get.

by Randy Fulk on November 04, 2020

Great for large TV!

This product was perfect! It holds out giant TV with no problems. Our two-year-old was always trying to touch the TV so this was a great option for us so he didn't knock it over onto himself. The swivel arm is fantastic because if I'm cooking I can reposition the TV so that I can see and watch football!

by Bryce Ratliff on October 30, 2020

The TV mount great price!

I wanted my 50 inch insignia smart 4K tv with Ruko in the corner of my room. I didn't use a stud finder, I found the stud by looking for the electrical outlet, I measured 16 inches for the center of the stud that the electrical outlet box is attached too and then determined the center of that stud. My wife and I already determined, prior to even receiving, the mount what the height was going to be so I did a small pencil mark for the height and the center of the stud. I have an impact drill and ...