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Reviews of Zimtown L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk PC Wood Laptop Table Workstation Home Office Brown
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Customer Reviews(145)

by Maureen on March 28, 2024

Got it delivered, and the quality is pretty decent. They've even included USB charging ports which is a bonus. Shipping was seriously impressive – the delivery guy brought it right to my door.

by Will on March 26, 2024

Installing it was a bit of a challenge.

by Dependable on March 25, 2024

Great material

Great material, really thick and sturdy. Installation was simple and secure, could do it solo. Perfect for office use with its smooth tabletop and rounded corners for safety. Love it, super affordable and high-quality.

by Rhoda on March 24, 2024

The shipping was sluggish, and they didn't even bother giving me the tracking number promptly.

by Fresh on March 20, 2024

Assembly wasn't difficult at all, and the material is thick. Once set up, it looks attractive. The moment the delivery arrived, I started putting it together – the white desk looks amazing in my room, matching beautifully!

by Alanna on March 15, 2024

A couple suggestions

The color is pretty accurate; I chose the walnut hue and love it. It's relatively stable with three fixed crossbars, but lacks compression pads for tightened screws. Loving it! Hoping the manufacturer keeps improving! Right in line with the price tag; you get what you pay for. Installation was a breeze – took me just 20 minutes solo. Here are a couple suggestions: 1) Although installation is simple, the screw positions can be awkward, especially near tight corners. Consider changing the screw ...

by Emery on March 12, 2024

For the price, it's pretty decent. The boards are thick and heavy, so building it yourself gives you a real sense of accomplishment. Took me a few hours, but before you start, make sure you double-check the sequence of the rods, or else you'll end up disassembling and starting over. The only downside is that one corner isn't rounded, so I added some bumpers myself. Also, the joint between the two large panels shows a noticeable gap.

by Helpful on March 07, 2024

The surface is smooth and fresh-looking. The frame consists of wide and thickened table legs and a bookshelf, making it very sturdy. It comes with anti-slip pads under the legs, ensuring silent movement. Very stable and robust. The legs have reinforcement beams, and the screws are thick, ensuring the table remains stable without any wobbling. After comparing with several other options, this one is the strongest. The tabletop is made of thick, high-quality material, and every detail is commendabl ...

by Bianca on March 04, 2024

A very satisfying shopping experience

The table has arrived and is all set up, and I'm very happy with it. Ran into a minor issue, but the customer service sorted it out pronto. Had a very satisfying shopping experience, and I'll definitely be back for more. Don't hesitate to grab one if you need it!

by Iver on March 04, 2024

Coming back!

The quality is top-notch, man. Real solid piece, doesn't wobble an inch – the iron legs are as sturdy as they come.Just put it together last night, and already having the kiddos enjoy it today. Big thanks for that! Building it required a bit of patience, but gotta appreciate the seller's guidance. With their help, I nailed the assembly job and couldn't be happier. The product is great, y'all run an honest business here, so count on me coming back whenever I need something similar. Oh yeah, tha ...

by Esmond on February 28, 2024

The boards are genuine and reliable, but the steelwork could use a bit more refinement in terms of craftsmanship.

by Anne on February 26, 2024

Delivery was fast, and the quality's alright, but it dropped in price not long after.

by Landry on February 26, 2024

The quality is outstanding!

The quality is outstanding, exactly as described by the seller, exceeding my expectations greatly. I am extremely satisfied and absolutely adore it. Delivery was super-fast, packaging was very thorough and secure. The logistics company provided excellent service, and the shipping was swift. A very satisfying purchase overall. The quality is superb; I hope more friends can trust your products. The seller is very friendly, and I'll definitely return. Can you offer a better deal? I'll bring friends ...

by Bernice on February 24, 2024

Initially bought it based on reviews, and I'm glad I did. The actual product totally lives up to the hype – a real bargain, the desk is solid and a steal at that price.

by Nathan on February 21, 2024

The table legs are a bit thin. Tightening the screws causes them to dent a little, but given the price, it's still manageable.

by Isaiah on February 21, 2024

Absolutely smitten with this computer desk for my remote work station!

by Gilda on February 21, 2024

Clean, elegant design!

Purchased the left-hand version, and it's incredibly stable, not even a hint of wobbling. The package was securely wrapped, no damage at all. Asked the customer service for the installation video, and they responded quickly with detailed instructions – loved it! Fast delivery, well-packed, no dings on the tabletop. The desk is hefty and has a nice heft to it, suitable for office and study use. The stability is excellent, and it doesn't deform easily. Smooth to the touch, almost no color differ ...

by Vanessa on February 16, 2024

Loving it so much!!

When the desk arrived, it was clean and odorless. As for stability, it's super solid – perfect for office work, gaming, homework, you name it. Visually, it's stunning, neat, and tidy, just as shown in the pictures. The craftsmanship is precise and top-quality. During shipping, everything held up nicely. Summary: All in all, a fantastic shopping experience – truly worth more than its price, loving it so much!!

by Earl on February 15, 2024

I'd definitely give this desk a thumbs up. Go ahead and buy with confidence!

by Falkner on February 14, 2024

It's alright, assembled it myself, and the tabletop is as thick as advertised. It's sturdy and doesn't sway – pretty decent!

by Weaver on February 13, 2024

The appearance is sophisticated and the desktop is smooth and sturdy. The legs provide excellent stability – won't budge an inch. It's flawlessly crafted and looks quite posh. Fellas, if you like it, go ahead and grab one!

by Admirable on February 11, 2024

Quality is good.

Strong and sturdy. High aesthetics. Very well-done. Highly recommend purchasing. The desk is of great quality, shipped quickly, and has a high cost-performance ratio. It's stable, satisfactory, and feels solid – not inferior to those in physical stores, and priced lower. It's a great desk; very satisfied!

by Eliot on February 11, 2024

Rock-solid stability

Received the desk, and it's sturdy. The panel is thick and heavy-duty, looks great overall. Rock-solid stability, no weird smells.

by Tower on February 09, 2024

The product's decent for the price, though the tabletop is a tad lightweight.

by Bonnie on February 07, 2024

Stability & Durability

Minimalist yet stylish.Exceptionally stable. Immediate Reaction: Ideal for office and study use. Craftsmanship: Flawless.

by Dark-Haired on February 07, 2024

Nailed it!

Comes with a screwdriver for assembly, and each leg has a corresponding mark to make it foolproof. The desk is sturdy as heck, no wobbling at all. The tabletop is a solid 25mm thick – couldn't be happier!

by Bertina on February 06, 2024

I'm very satisfied with the packaging.

Convenient and easy to use – it comes together quickly and easily. The desk is very affordable and practical. The appearance and material are great – it looks refined, and the craftsmanship is top-notch. There's nothing to complain about; the shop owner provides excellent service. The sturdiness and stability are impressive; once assembled, the desk is rock-solid,able to hold plenty without wobbling. It's made of durable materials and is just the right size. The installation process is strai ...

by GentleS on February 06, 2024

Bought this for the family, and it's working out well!

by Philippa on February 06, 2024

Sought out a thick tabletop, and boy, the quality exceeded expectations. The desk is indeed thick and robust, giving a reassuringly solid feel. Very satisfied!

by Katrina on February 06, 2024


Affordable price, rock-solid quality – it was a fantastic shopping experience. I'll be back for more. Both the shipping and product were great, high-value-for-money deal, give it a big thumbs-up!

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