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Reviews of Zimtown Laundry Hamper Aluminum Alloy Three Lattice Storage Laundry Basket
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Customer Reviews(24)

by Leah on July 09, 2021

perfect fit 3-section laundry bag

Very good product to easily seperate my different clothes, useful item.

by Woodsman on June 28, 2021

Great Buy

Light weight and Fits everything.

by Estelle on May 17, 2021

Time saver!

With this I am able to keep things organized and it has saved me so much time when I go to do the laundry not having to sort.

by Kate on May 17, 2021

Functional and organizational

Easy to carry and keeps the laundry separated.

by Gardener on May 12, 2021

Love it

I like that this can fit lots of clothes in it

by Valley on May 08, 2021


Love it!!!

by Powerful on May 04, 2021

Light weight

Ease of use

by Articulate on May 02, 2021


Perfect for my little family of 3, for weekly laundry.

by William on May 01, 2021

These are awesome

Keeps my husband from just dumping laundry in the washer. He now understands that whites and darks don't mix, bless his heart!!!

by Trix on April 28, 2021

Nice Product

Great for sorting clothes but smaller than I expect. Other than that, it's pretty good.

by Wyman on April 28, 2021

Very spacious for the laundrymat

Bought these for our teenagers. . . They work great for what we needed.

by Desired on April 27, 2021

Great product

It is ok to hold a decent quantity of clothes but I thought it would be sturdy.

by Kayleigh on April 20, 2021

Good for a small space

Love this product. Helpes to make the best use of small laundry space.

by Lara on April 15, 2021

Exactly what I need

Perfect size so that I don't overfill and have too many loads of laundry waiting for me to do.

by Ryan on March 29, 2021

They are very spacious.

Nephew loves this sorting bag. Now can be more organized

by Ken on March 19, 2021

Awesome product

Very cute

by Nadine on March 04, 2021

Love it!!

Absolutely LOVE this !! Very easy to cary to do laundry & doesn't take up a lot of space.

by Ruth on March 03, 2021


Nice and durable, worth every penny!

by Mavis on February 13, 2021


Conveniently sorts the laundry. A very nice size.

by Neal on January 13, 2021

Easily separates laundry and easy to carry

I brought this for my college student. It was bigger than expected. He can fit everything he needs with just one trip. Awesome product.

by Murray on January 07, 2021

Love it

It is nice and easy to organize your dirty clothing.

by Merlin on January 01, 2021

Great very big


by Stanford Rufi on July 03, 2020

Very convenient

This laundry basket has 3 separate bags in it, it is for different color.I like that it's super easy to set up, and with all the clothes I put in it, it hold up nicely. Great design!

by King Monnin on May 02, 2020

This is the one I want.

This one allows me to sort without taking up a lot of space.