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Reviews of Zimtown Outdoor 27" Aluminum Roll-Up Portable Camping Picnic Table w/ Carry Bag
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Customer Reviews(17)

by Solitary on April 08, 2022

terrible customer service.

It broke on day one!! Not a good product!

by Theodora on February 28, 2022

Bad product

We went to open up this tent at an event we had planned this past weekend and 1 of them wouldn't even assemble

by Tony on February 14, 2022

Worked great


by Louisa on January 14, 2022

Held up real nice

by Alarice on December 31, 2021

just what I ordered the shipping was a little slow but with the covid19 that was expected

by Hugh on November 29, 2021

Easy to assemble

Just what the doctor ordered, but I wish the small piece of the top attached more securely

by Thora on November 23, 2021

Perfect patio

Outside here we come perfect

by Hortense on September 30, 2021

Very well made and we love it!

by Cecil Tracy on March 17, 2021

easy to use table

Bought this to provide extra eating space in my dining area. Worked well. I used this table to put out plates, glasses, cups, utensils etc

by Humphrey Jacob on March 10, 2021

Great little camping table

Used this table to camp in spots that didn't have any tables or benches available.

by Curitis Raglan on March 05, 2021

portability is just a plus

Overall it is a very nice little table and I see how it would be great camping or picnicking.

by Gertrude on February 05, 2021

Amazing Product!

Love the look of these chairs and they seem very sturdy.

by Larry Frevert on July 15, 2020

Nice Roll Up Table

Lightweight but sturdy, easy to assemble.It's a match made in heaven with a storage bag

by Raphael Cressey on May 28, 2020

I love roll up table

Lightweight design, can be used indoors without installation, very suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts

by Jae Lesch on March 25, 2020

A little nerve wracking

This table is a bit unconvennient to pick up and assemble.It takes some time for me to get it straightened and as sturdy as possible.

by Joesph Hesselrode on March 22, 2020

Lightweight design

Perhaps the product is not very stable due to the aluminum structure. When I tried to push it, it was suitable for outdoors rather than indoors.

by Lewis Kaliszuk on July 19, 2019

Slight wear

When it comes, there are slight wear marks on the legs, but it does not affect the use, which is reasonable for this price.