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Reviews of Zimtown Portable Basketball Hoop with Wheels, 6.2'-8'/ 6.2'-8.3' Height Adjustable Basketball Goal Stand System
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Customer Reviews(31)

by Alger McCarthy on August 14, 2022

Good buy

My grandsons love this. Perfect for the winter indoors. I would highly recommend it.

by Cathy Price on August 12, 2022

Good product

Was for my grandson's birthday. The surprise on his face was priceless!

by Adair Kelsen on August 09, 2022

Good value for money

used until outgrown and passed on to another child. still in great condition.

by Burton Chaplin on August 07, 2022

My boys love it!!

Adjustable and grandkids love it!

by Sigrid Pollitt on August 02, 2022

Very nice and sturdy

Good product

by Tracy Parker on July 31, 2022

This is awesome for both indoor and outdoor!

by Andrea Franklin on July 21, 2022

Good for price

Assembly instructions easy - 12 and 15 year old assembled the hoop/pole - I just made sure all secured tightly.

by Ursula Yule on July 20, 2022

Great choice

it is so cool get it

by Aurora Louise on July 17, 2022

Almost perfect

The boys love this hoop set

by Murray Louis on July 15, 2022

Great starter hoop!

Kids love it. They use it indoors.

by Eric Madge on July 15, 2022

Great Product

Satisfied with product received , would buy from again

by Douglas Anthony on July 08, 2022


Hours of fun in the basement for 10 and 12 year olds.

by Jeffrey Dolly on July 07, 2022

Worth it


by Hyman Kennan on July 05, 2022

Love it. Versatile, we use it by our pool and use it in doors, changes height easily. Great price

by Elsie Fast on July 05, 2022

Better than expected

Awesome product, great for beginners, since your able to lower & raise the hoop.

by Ivan Partridge on July 01, 2022

Fit our need!

very good ,thanks

by Gabriel Peter on June 21, 2022

Great option!

This was perfect for our twins. Sturdy. Well made.

by Mamie Clare on June 19, 2022

Great investment

Birthday present for grandson. He loves it!

by Blithe Hicks on June 14, 2022

Best birthday gift

it is great

by Antony Tomlinson on June 12, 2022

Love It !!!

My son put it together for my grandson very quickly. It is sturdy looking. I watched a video with them practicing.

by Frederica Barton on June 11, 2022

Bang for the buck

My son loves it

by Warner Wilson on June 09, 2022

Great youth size

Great sturdiness for basketball. Directions putting it together, not so great.

by Kerwin Kell(e)y on June 08, 2022

I love it

This is great item for the price. Very sturdy.

by Quentin Lytton on June 07, 2022

Very nice!

Got no complaints. product as described. teenagers put it together

by Rita Crofts on June 06, 2022

Really nice

by Rex Nick on June 03, 2022

Good product.

Very good for the kids

by Jessica Huggins on June 03, 2022

Great quality. Removable extension pole lets us use it .

by Ted Michelson on June 01, 2022

Great Pricing!

Great product. My kids love it!

by Eric Pulitzer on April 26, 2021

indoor or outdoor hoop

A good and sturdy mini hoop system. It has held up well, we just make sure not to let the kids hang on the rim.

by Hazel Oscar on April 23, 2021

Solid for the price.

Solid for the price.

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