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Reviews of Zimtown Queen Bed Frame,Solid Pine Wood Kids Twin Platform Bed Frame, Bedroom Queen Bed with Headboard for Adults, White
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Customer Reviews(64)

by Sterling on May 04, 2024

Not bad, the bed is stable.

Found the perfect bed; the frame is exceptionally sturdy, easy to assemble myself.

by Gerard on May 01, 2024

The bed is excellent, sturdy and solid.

A very good bed, after installation it is very stable, and there is no any smell, just wait for the mattress to arrive and you can easily move in. A very good purchase, worth recommending.

by Michael on April 22, 2024

The size of the bed is just right, not taking up too much space.

by Light on April 20, 2024

Good price.

Both beds are installed, very nice!

by Sherlock on April 19, 2024

No damage at all.

The design of this bed is fantastic, dimensions are just right, and yes, it's a genuine solid wood bed.

by Ivar on April 18, 2024

Overall satisfied!

Convenient indeed, the packaging is also great; the bed structure looks sturdy with no noticeable smell, quite user-friendly, and overall it feels satisfactory.

by Zelda on April 14, 2024

Average quality.

There's a sound, the bed board is not flat.

by Wanderer on April 08, 2024

Missing parts.

The goods sent over, the number of screws is not enough.

by Esmeralda on March 27, 2024

Overall, it's good.

The bed is comfortable, no unpleasant odors, and the craftsmanship is meticulous – both beds are equally comfortable and odor-free.

by Magnus on March 26, 2024

The bed is easy to install, I can install it myself by looking at the pictures, the bed body is hard, very good, thumbs up.

by Scott on March 21, 2024

Overall, it's not bad and has no smell.

Bought two beds, have been used for a while, very sturdy and durable, good quality, the brand's design is also very fashionable, fine workmanship, sturdy and durable, the child likes it very much, worth the value, recommend to buy.

by Dale on March 08, 2024

It's very nice, my wife likes it very much, a very pleasant shopping experience.

by Peaceful on March 05, 2024

No strange noises.

Lying on it produces no creaking noises.

by Oprah on February 28, 2024

The packaging is secure.

After looking for a long time, I finally chose this bed, it did not disappoint me, I am very satisfied.

by Wyman on February 24, 2024

When the goods arrived and were installed, there were not enough screws, luckily I have many tools at home.

by Elaine on February 23, 2024

This bedhead takes up minimal space, making it practical, especially for smaller rooms where removing a bedside table can accommodate a desk nicely.

by Felix on February 23, 2024

Good quality, the bed has no smell.

Absolutely fantastic!

by Chief on February 17, 2024

The bed is sturdy and durable, hence why I bought it again; it offers excellent value for money. The style is simple yet elegant, the bedboard material is thick and heavy, and the bed is solid, immobile – had a very satisfying shopping experience!

by Gifted on February 16, 2024

Great furniture.

This wooden bed boasts an exquisite design with sleek lines and natural colors. It seamlessly blends into my bedroom decor, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

by Nourishing on February 16, 2024

A great bed.

The service is very good, the bed is also very good, there's no smell, it looks simple and elegant, very cost-effective.

by Melissa on February 12, 2024

The bed is great.

The price is very affordable, the cost performance is very high.

by Marilyn on February 11, 2024

Very sturdy, doesn't wobble.

The design is very reasonable, the quality of the product is good.

by Wilbur on February 09, 2024

Good quality, love the design

The physical object is the same as the description, the quality is quite good, the seller's attitude is also good, any question will be answered, the delivery speed is fast, worth buying

by Lamont on February 03, 2024

This wooden bed gives me comfort every night.

This bed is seriously great value for money – the materials used are solid; even moving just the footboard was a workout, it's super heavy, and the snap-on base is particularly robust, no concerns about any noise.

by Becky on January 28, 2024

Chose this after a long search.

This is the second bed I bought, the design is beautiful, sturdy and durable, high cost performance, very affordable, logistics delivery is timely.

by Famous on January 24, 2024

Arrived on time,lightweight yet sturdy.

The bed's quality is excellent, flawless, smooth, durable, and has a strong load-bearing capacity

by Dermot on January 23, 2024

High cost-effectiveness.

The express delivery arrived tightly packed; the bed has a grand color scheme, weighs a ton, and the attention to detail is commendable.

by Philbert on January 19, 2024


Not bad, pretty sturdy. Just a bit on the small side.

by Thomas on January 15, 2024

The design is simple and sleek.

The board material has minimal odor and is easy to clean.

by Kayleigh on January 14, 2024

Good price, much cheaper than in physical stores.

"Sturdy" perfectly describes the quality of the bed, "good-looking" for its appearance, and "spacious" for the overall vibe.

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