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Reviews of Zimtown Wood Tray Bed Breakfast Laptop Desk Food Serving Hospital Table Folding Legs
4.9 5 11

Customer Reviews(11)

by Jeremy Stella on March 30, 2021

Works well.

Works great. The legs aren't totally tight but it's good because they can be adjusted well depending on where your sitting.

by Agatha Johnson on March 27, 2021

Great Workspace!

I love this lap desk! I am recovering from surgery and working from home. This desk is perfect for my laptop and also has enough space for a notebook at the side.

by Willie Murray on March 21, 2021

Love this labtop table!!!

I honestly love this product, I've had no problems with it. Easy to setup. Nice and sleek.

by Scott Mat(h)ilda on March 07, 2021

Life changer

This may be one of the best and most useful products I have ever used. As someone who likes spending time on my laptop doing work or gaming, this product changed my life.

by Cecil Bruce on February 28, 2021

Best thing ever!!

This bed table/desk is wonderful! It has been well used for several months while I've been laid up with surgeries back to back and I love it!

by Pamela Burns on February 23, 2021

Great Product

This desk is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to use. It comes fully assembled,I can sit on my couch with my legs crossed under me

by Pag Rutherford on February 19, 2021

Love it!

This is my perfect dream desk!

by Ula Price on February 03, 2021

I love this thing!

I got this for my kid to use with her lap top. She freakin loves it.

by Claude Thompson on February 02, 2021

Very sturdy and convenient lap desk

This works perfectly and looks beautiful in my space! It is exactly the right height when I fully extend the legs

by Tiffany Dewar on January 30, 2021

5 stars for the price for the quality

I spend hours a day studying. My back and my legs were becoming a pain. I was using a lap table but when my legs would get tired I had to place it on the floor in front of me causing me to sit with bad posture leading to back aches.

by Otto Ingersoll on January 18, 2021

Best Purchase I have ever Made!

Works exactly as advertised. Strong, clean, comfortable and fully functional design.